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Attorneys may now check service for their signature confirmation mail pieces without making a trip out of their office. Using the web-based program, attorneys can view and print the same USPS signature document that the Clerk's staff prints and places in the court case file to show proof of service.

Search instructions are available for attorneys in the Clerk's Central Services Division, Room 201 in the Allen County Courthouse. These step-by-step directions show you just how easy it is to search for your signature confirmation mail pieces and monitor their tracking history from mailing through delivery. pdfView and download the search instructions for attorneys.

Who delivers Signature Confirmation mail?

Signature and Delivery Confirmation is a product of the United States Postal Service. The same carrier that delivers certified mail carries the Signature Confirmation mail.

How is the mail piece created?

The recipient's address is keyed in on the EZ Address web page and printed on any office printer using plain white paper. Every address label created using EZ Address has the Dunn and Bradstreet number for M.A.I.L., Inc. embedded in the tracking number.

The USPS carriers handle this mail like any other mail that requires a signature. The carrier is required to scan the mail piece at the time of delivery.

The scanner captures the date and time of the delivery electronically. For signature confirmation mail, the carrier gives the recipient a form, PS Form 3849, to sign for the mail piece. This form (similar to the green card for certified mail) is the same form that is left in the residential mailbox or P.O. Box if the recipient is not available. The USPS carrier then keys in the last name and first initial of the person signing for the mail piece into the scanner.

The potential delivery events for signature confirmation mail pieces are listed below:

  • Delivered and signed for by
  • Undeliverable
  • Deceased
  • Addressee unknown
  • Refused
  • Notice left

At the end of the delivery route, the carrier returns to the Post Office and docks the scanner used for that day. The electronic delivery events are downloaded and sent to a Postal Service server. M.A.I.L., Inc. captures every tracking number generated for that time period and sends these numbers to the Postal Service every evening. This server then recognizes the embedded Dunn and Bradstreet number and re-directs the electronic delivery events to M.A.I.L, Inc.'s server where they are sorted and posted on the customer's password protected web site.

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